Artfully intertwining

Artfully intertwining

Tuesday 05 April 2022

Among the most ancient crafts that still survive in Puglia today, that of basket makers is one of the most fascinating.

Older than ceramics and weaving, the art of weaving is linked to life and work in the fields. The raw material used, in fact, was found in the olive groves, in the wheat fields after the harvest, among the weeds, along the dry stone walls: straw, rushes, reeds, vegetable hair.

The young and flexible olive branches, in particular, were worked, intertwined and twisted to make baskets, bread racks, baskets. Containers used for the collection of fruit and vegetables, for drying figs and tomatoes.

Containers made with what nature had to offer, at zero km we would say today, and eco-sustainable. In many of our historic centers it is still possible to admire the skill of the craftsmen who create small works of art with a very poor material. Slow, respectful gestures that pass on ancient knowledge. 

Fortunately, there are still many people who use the art of weaving, thanks to the renewed interest in typical craftsmanship and the enthusiasm with which many young people approach this tradition.

For example, in Minervino Murge, Enza Tricarico, a young and enterprising basket maker, has taken up the ancient art of braiding to create unique handmade products: baskets, boxes, bags ... all manufactured with great creativity and the smart use of raw materials found in her own land.

Still, in Minervino you can admire and buy baskets of all sizes from Vincenzo Carlone's Cesteria Rurale artisan workshop, a true institution in the art of braiding.

Where to buy

La Cestaia – Enza Tricarico (Minervino Murge)

Tel. 328 220 4636

Cesteria Rurale di Vincenzo Carlone

Via Poggio San Lorenzo 2/A – Minervino Murge

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