Goal after Goal

In every corner of this magical land you can experience stories of ancient peoples, bright colors and vibrant scents, majestic […]


When the Murge degrades, on the top of a small hill between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, surrounded […]

In Calimera it is always a good morning

Traveling along the ancient Via Traiana Calabra, the main artery that connected Otranto with Lecce, we meet Calimera, a small […]

Fasano, between the sea and the hills

Fasano is a charming town halfway between the sea and the hills, in order to fully enjoy all that the […]

Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands have been declared a marine reserve with D.M. of 14 July 1989. Since 1996 the area has […]


Peschici is an enchanting seaside village perched on the northernmost ridge of the suggestive Gargano promontory. Access to the quaint […]


Anyone who has visited Puglia at least once will certainly not have forgotten to admire one of the symbolic places […]

The Archaeological Park of Egnazia

"For those who sail from Brindisi along the Adriatic coast, the city of Egnatia is the normal stopover to reach […]

Walking Suspended

We are in the Alta Murgia, in the countryside of Spinazzola, precisely in Contrada Macchia. The vastness of the landscape […]

A surprise lake

Perhaps not everyone knows that in Puglia there is a great variety of naturalistic landscapes to discover and fall in […]

The Beautiful Lucera

Nestled between the gentle profiles of the Albano, Belvedere and Sacro hills is the beautiful Lucera, a delightful town that […]

The triangle of wonders: the castles of Barletta - Andria - Trani

If you love atmospheres full of suggestions, scenarios that refer to distant times, tales of heroic deeds, then you can't […]

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