In Puglia, every road is a journey

Never predictable itineraries made of nature, culture and adventure are the roads we have chosen to explore and enhance wine tourism in Puglia.

The variety of the territory, the wealth of products, of natural landscapes, between historical and cultural references, will be our lighthouse in this magnificent journey in a splendid land yet to be discovered.

Landscapes that change visibly, from land to sea. Ours is also a journey to discover an unexplored nature, to be lived together, to strengthen bonds and search for a path that leads to beauty.

The wonder must be sought in the territory of emotions. The itineraries on which it is worth setting out are the most immersive ones in harmony with the environment that leave the usual routes behind, to take unexpected paths, perhaps just around the corner from home.

The Puglia Wine Roads is a project conceived by Xeniaplus and promoted by the Itinerapuglia Cultural Association.

Embark with us on a journey into the hidden treasures of Puglia.

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