The Carnival of wonders in Manfredonia

The roots of the Manfredonia Carnival get lost in time. The scenes represented on the Daunian Stele (VII and VI […]

The sound of a bass drum

In Puglia, the musical bands, or "tour bands", accompany every village festival, in particular the patronal feasts or the religious […]

Trani, on the trail of Judaism

The history of the bond between the Jews and the city of Trani is very ancient. Stable communities arose here […]

The Route of Culture and Traditions

We follow a fascinating route, along enchanting places, scattered with traces of archaic civilizations, archaeological sites, museums of peasant art, […]

The Ancient Rites of Tarantine Easter

In Taranto, Holy Week is characterized by the unfolding of rites that have been handed down unaltered for about three […]

Holy Week in Molfetta

Every year in Molfetta a tradition rooted in the territory for over three centuries is renewed. These are the Lenten […]

Easter between faith and traditions

Each town in Puglia has its devotional rites, its procession, its statues, the poignant funeral marches, according to a ritual […]

Between Sacred and Profane

The first day of Lent, the so-called Ash Wednesday, reminds us that the glories of Carnival are now a memory […]

Artfully intertwining

Among the most ancient crafts that still survive in Puglia today, that of basket makers is one of the most […]

The Rutigliano's Whistles

Try to imagine a shepherd who is returning home after losing his sheep, out of breath, without his hat and […]

Underground Oil Mills in Puglia

The agricultural landscape in Puglia is characterized by the strong presence of the olive tree and, in the karst areas, […]

The treasures of Grottaglie

This small village that dominates the area of Taranto from the top of Murgia hill is famous all over the […]

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