Abate Masseria & Resort

Abate Masseria & Resort

Tuesday 29 March 2022

In the countryside of Noci, there is an ancient residence, lit by the dazzling light of the Murgia dei Trulli and surrounded by green pastures, centuries-old oaks and walnuts, which once was a workplace for shepherds and farmers and later was recovered and transformed by its current owners into a small but very welcoming Resort, called Masseria Abate.

What first strikes the visitors reaching this corner of paradise is the accuracy and respect with which the Trulli and dry-stone walls have been recovered and restored to give back the ancient charm of this country house.

Everything is well-finished, even the smallest details: from the green spaces, where you can relax in the shade of monumental trees and enjoy an excellent breakfast in the morning, to the pool area, a perfect oasis to cool off on hot summer days; and from the ancient stables converted into rooms to the well-preserved rocky church ... This place will definitely fascinate you with its beauty and the warm welcome reserved for its guests.

Impossibile non lasciarsi conquistare da questo luogo e dall’accoglienza che i suoi proprietari sanno riservare ai propri ospiti. 

In the same way, you will be impressed by the delicacies of the restaurant "Il Briale", a dialect term defining the single, large dish placed in the centre of the table from which each diner used to take his share of food. The cuisine is traditional but at the same time innovative, simple but not trivial, made with fresh and excellent local products. Moreover, in summer you can enjoy the evening fresh air dining outdoors to make your experience even more unforgettable.

Masseria Abate offers sport lovers a well-kept and welcoming tennis court, two soccer fields with synthetic grass, walks in the surrounding countryside, yoga and pilates courses on the meadow ... you will have a lot of choices to better spend your holiday with your friends or family, fully experiencing the life in a farmhouse surrounded by unspoiled nature, with scents and colours that you will keep in your heart.


Masseria Abate

Strada Provinciale per Massafra km 0,300 - 70015 Noci (BA)

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