Friday 04 February 2022

In the heart of Salento along the Via Appia Antica is the splendid baroque city of Mesagne, Misciàgni in the local dialect. It is a true corner of paradise, in the "land between the two seas", dotted with imposing centuries-old olive trees along the Brindisi plain. Mesagne is one of the most beautiful and richest historical centers of Salento; it is a city with very ancient origins because thanks to its position it was a great strategic center for the Messapians.

The village still preserves testimonies of the Romans, Lombards, Normans, Swabians and rich feudal lords who in 1500 made Mesagne one of the most prosperous inhabited centers in the area.

The historic center is a labyrinth of alleys, lanes, squares and courtyards lapped by humble houses that alternate with the imposing Baroque churches and the bold facades of the majestic noble palaces.

The heart of the ancient village is the imposing castle of probable Byzantine origins but modernized after the invasion of the Normans; today, after numerous modifications, it is an elegant fortified stately home which houses the Archaeological Museum.

Adjacent to the Castle is the large medieval square Orsini del Balzo, overlooked by Palazzo Cavalieri and the church of Sant’Anna which houses a copy of the canvas of the Deposition by Pablo Veronese

Piazza Orsini del Balzo e Chiesa di Sant'Anna

From the square, in a few minutes you can reach the Mother Church with the beautiful facade with elegant architectural elements. This church is a clear model of the Apulian Baroque. One of the most important places of worship in the area is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Mater Domini, famous for the medieval icon of the Madonna and Child When visiting the place of worship, don't forget to look up at the beautiful dome to see the frescoes of the Evangelists alternating with the pendentives. Now reach via Brindisi and follow it to the edge of the town to visit the church of San Lorenzo.

Chiesa Madre

Enjoy the spectacle of the sun's rays that penetrate through the large windows of the apses and illuminate the precious 11th and 12th century frescoes. A visit to Mesagne cannot be concluded without having tasted the local delicacies; the typical dish is Orecchiette al ragù or Rice potatoes and mussels but if you decide to visit the city during the Christmas period you can delight yourself with the cartellate and musstazzueli that you will find freshly made in all the pastry shops in the city.

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