Masseria Amastuola-Wine Resort

Masseria Amastuola-Wine Resort

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Since 1400 Masseria Amastuola has dominated the Salento area of Crispiano, in the Taranto area, surrounded by the vineyards that give rise to the renowned Amastuola wines, the flagship of Apulian wine production.

It is a farm with a closed courtyard which, after a careful and respectful renovation, has opened itself to hospitality, with its elegant rooms equipped with every comfort, the elegant wine bar with the room dedicated to tastings and the restaurant "Le Arcate ”in which to experience typical gastronomy.

Masseria Amastuola is the ideal destination for wine tourism enthusiasts who can visit the barrel cellar, the vineyard garden and stop to taste a selection of wines in the welcoming wine bar, choosing between different routes, to live a unique experience, a real eno-sensorial journey to discover the organic productions of the cellar.

From the terraces of the farm you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea and the Amastuola vineyard garden designed by the Spanish landscape architect Fernando Caruncho.

Do not miss the gastronomic proposal of the restaurant "Le Arcate", linked to the Apulian tradition but with interesting innovative ideas. Each proposed menu is designed in combination with the company's organic wines, in a perfect combination. To best end the experience in the masseria, all that remains is to stop for the night in one of the 18 rooms designed and set up to ensure maximum comfort while respecting the valuable architectural features of the fifteenth-century structure.

Comfort, nature, excellent wines in a territory that will win you over, as it has conquered us, for its beauty.


Masseria Amastuola

Località Amastuola, Strada Provinciale 42 - Crispiano (TA)

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