Al Trabucco da Mimì

Al Trabucco da Mimì

Wednesday 04 May 2022

There are experiences to do at least once in a lifetime, one of these is certainly enjoying the spectacle of the sea from a privileged position, such as a trebuchet, perhaps tasting a glass of wine at sunset or the freshly caught fish proposed in the recipes of the restaurant da Mimì. , obtained right inside the best preserved trabucco of the entire Gargano coast, in Vieste.

The trabucchi are ancient wooden artifacts that once supported the Gargano coast, handcrafted by the fishermen themselves for mullet and blue fish fishing, according to the traditional "on sight" method.

The Trabucco da Mimì is a family trebuchet that Mimì and Lucia, emigrated to Canada, put together in the sixties when they decided to return to Vieste. The winning intuition of combining the traditional fishing activity with the possibility of enjoying the catch of the day was precisely that of Mrs. Lucia who started an experience now carried out by her grandchildren with great love and passion.

The restaurant, built in part with recycled materials from storm surges, offers a rustic but welcoming environment, in perfect harmony with the surrounding marine environment.

The thrill of witnessing sunsets over the sea - which take on incredible shades on the Gargano - is indescribable, while enjoying an aperitif accompanied by local wines, such as Donnadele della cantina Alberto Longo, a rosé produced by 100% Negroamaro, with floral and fruity aromas and a fresh and elegant taste that accompanied us during the lunch based on very fresh fish.

The proposals for lunch or dinner, made with the excellent raw material that is caught every day by the trabucco still perfectly functional, are designed and created to best enhance the freshness of the fish and products all coming from the territory: quick cooking, combinations unusual and delicious, contaminations from the world for a real journey into taste.

Being lulled by the sound of the waves, with the scent of the sea that intoxicates the senses, enjoying the simplicity and accuracy of the food and wine proposals of this small treasure trove of flavors is an experience that we highly recommend and that you will hardly forget.

To contact the restaurant "Al trabucco da Mimì" go here

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